Posted on October 16, 2020 in Dynamics

Partnering with 365 Consulting

Working with 365 Consulting means that you join a team of highly experienced Microsoft Dynamics Professionals who work together exclusively as an independent entrepreneur.

In particular, we address the group of Microsoft Dynamics Professionals who now work as an employee and who do not only want to take the step towards entrepreneurship, but who have the need to do so for some time. Professionals who have more than earned their spurs and feel the calling to really help customers, without detours, to get the very best out of Microsoft Dynamics.

Who are our professionals?

HBO-WO trained Microsoft Dynamics specialists (AX, NAV or CRM) with at least 10 years of relevant work experience.
Microsoft Dynamics specialists who want to do business, but do not want to do it alone.
People who believe in synergy and the power of the network.
People who really want to make a difference in the Dynamics world and need the space to do so.

Why do our professionals work together?

You focus on your assignments and all commercial, contractual and administrative matters are taken care of for you. Including a basic income if you are temporarily in between two assignments.
You determine the assignment that matches your qualities. Whether the location is workable and whether the rate is interesting enough for you.
Because you have a much larger part (at least 70%) of the hourly rate and enjoy tax benefits as an entrepreneur.
Sharing knowledge. You are not alone, you work together with a team of like-minded people, which ensures that you can spar and find each other in substantive sessions.

What is the division of tasks within the partnership?

You carry out assignments based on your expertise based on subsequent costing.
The back office takes care of the entire contractual and administrative handling and processing.
The sales & marketing team determines the commercial strategy together with you and takes acquisition and networking out of your hands. You are of course free to develop sales activities yourself or together. Thanks to our referal system, this gives you a substantial premium.
Monthly partnership meetings to share knowledge and experiences about themes and the market.